Risk Management Systems in the Australian Dairy Industry

The Australian dairy industry has adopted a preventative approach to manage potential risks across the integrated supply chain, and has developed quality management systems that underpin the comprehensive regulatory requirements.


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Welcome to the Dairy Industry Risk Communication Tool

This tool has been designed to provide an overview of the potential risks in the dairy supply chain and how they are managed. It covers the potential risks in Public Health, Food Safety, OH&S, Environment, Animal Welfare, Biosecurity and Animal Health. It is designed to show how these risks are managed through one or more of the following control processes: Standards (national and/or global), Regulatory systems, Market forces, Industry/commercial programs and/or Traceability/verification programs. The risks span the whole supply chain from pre-farm to markets.

To use the tool, simply select a risk, and you will see what controls there are to manage this potential risk and where in the supply chain they are applied.

Please note that Dairy Australia has endeavoured to ensure that the information is correct as at September 2014. Whilst the information will be reviewed and updated periodically, Dairy Australia makes no warranty regarding the accuracy of the information and will not be liable if the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. The contents of this tool should not be used as a substitute for seeking independent professional advice appropriate to your particular circumstances.To the fullest extent permitted by Australian Law, Dairy Australia disclaims all liability for any losses, costs, damages and the like sustained or incurred as a result of the use of or reliance upon the information contained herein, including, without limitation, liability stemming from reliance upon any part which may contain inadvertent errors, whether typographical or otherwise, or omissions of any kind.

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